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Modular Stories


The works of the “Modular Stories” series consist of fragments of fictitious stories, similar to extracts from a novel or a movie. However, no visual scenes or movie stills are shown, but elements/modules cut out of their backgrounds and contexts. They are photographed layer after layer from the same camera positions – in this series from the bird’s view. Each module/element has been cut out with the computer and is shown in a new setting. This might involve repeated depictions of the same figure with different body language, gestures or objects. Many times the same objects or clothing items might be seen several times with other or modified details. The effect is that the figure is embedded in situations that may consist of several story-telling and time layers.

In these stories, the figures, clothing items and objects are the elements or modules that may be combined in one work of art in different ways, thus becoming new storylines directing the content of the stories into different directions. This gives the observer the chance to transfer the modules/elements with their different depiction and time levels into new and extendible levels of thinking, cut out of their visual contexts, which changes the stories and tells them in a new way. The spectator decides what emotional processes will be triggered, in what context the figure(s) are embedded, thus creating new connections and constellations. Since the background is missing, there is plenty of room to expand the possibilities of thinking for spectators and to transfer the figure(s) into various (narrative) spaces.