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Dr. Petra Noll





Michael Sardelic photographed persons of different age and sex. Their body language comes out of the unconscious. These are full-body portraits of people in emotional conflict situations, depicted as dress-up dolls with their relevant clothing and the same postures and/or personal items on cut-out sheets, oversized. This series that is designed in the form of diptychs or triptychs is about mentally coping and processing suddenly upcoming conflicts of both affected persons and outsiders.

The discourse happens on a purely cognitive level, since the parts cannot be cut out and put together like with children’s dress-up paper dolls that were used as models of design. Posture and gestures of the depicted persons as well as the isolation of the nearly naked bodies before a neutral background, but also the individual or standardised clothing tell a great deal about the inner states and characters. Stooped bodies, turned away, lowered heads and hands held in front of their faces communicate fear stemming from a lack of social acceptance, of insecurity, embarrassment, loneliness and the feeling of inadequacy. But there are also people presenting themselves self-confident and secure before the photographer. The compelling body language always allows some form of analysis that may be used therapeutically.

Dr. Petra Noll, Curator
from the exhibition catalogue „...says more than 1000 words“,
artistic positions on the topic of “body language”,
Photo Forum Braunau: Exhibition 1/2005



movere, lat.:     moveo, movi, motus (old Indian mivati “pushes, moves) move, put into motion, rock, transform, change, make an impression, influence, scare, touch, excite, irritate, upset, stimulate (mentally), think, bother, push, move along, chase away, eliminate, expel, evoke, arouse, cause, start, begin, animate, bring up a topic;

(Stowasser, Latin – German School Dictionary, 1997)


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